Worry is a Waste of Time

As I write this (and every post) I am reminding myself!

Be honest there are so many things you could be worrying about right now, just turn on the news and they will give you 27 different reasons! Most likely the things you are worrying about don’t usually happen. However, what worrying does do is put you in a negative state – vibration and you start to attract more negativity to yourself.

Have faith that EVERYTHING is happening FOR YOU and so whatever does happen is with the intention to bring you closer to what it is you want in your life.

By focusing on more positive outcomes you put yourself in a positive state – vibration and you attract more positive things to yourself. These positive things will be more than you can ever imagine (more on why in a future post)!

So next time you start to worry, stop and remind yourself that things are ALWAYS working out for you and continue the positive momentum by thinking and even writing about (3) things you appreciate in your life right now!

Watch how smoothly things go when you consistently focus on the good…

Enjoy Daily Life,

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