Work – Your Business, Career, Job &/or Raising Your Children

Your work is an important part of your life, the part of your life that you probably spend the most time at. Whether it is running your own business, building your career, working a job, attending school &/or raising your children, it is probably the area where you receive the most of your feelings of significance (or insignificance)! Hopefully your work allows you to express yourself in a way that has you inspired to jump out of bed everyday to get started. If not, you’ll want to focus on this area to design it in a way that enhances all the areas of your daily life.

Start with our EDL Life Standards Assessment for your Work Area! Answer these 10 questions honestly with A-Always/Absolutely, S-Sometimes/Sort of or N-Never/No

  1. Are you excited everyday to get to work?
  2. Do you have scheduled work hours?
  3. Do you feel positively challenged at your work?
  4. Do you feel valued, appreciated & respected?
  5. Do you feel compensated for your work?
  6. Do you have well defined work goals?
  7. Do you have an organized work area?
  8. Do you feel your work is your life passion?
  9. Do you feel as efficient as you could be?
  10. Do you have a positive work environment?

Give yourself 1 point for each A, 1/2 a point for each S and 0 points for each N

Total your score to give you an idea of where you feel you are on a scale from 1-10 in your Work area of life!

Now that you know where you are, it is time to decide where you want to go!

Next, use the EDL Life Standards Assessment questions as a guide to help you identify what you want in this area of your life. Read over the 10 questions and your answers, think about where you are, relax and quiet your mind for a few minutes and once your mind is calm begin to write out a vision of what you want for this area of your life. Be as detailed as you can, enjoy the process of designing your daily life!

Remember to dream BIG, anything is possible!

Enjoy Daily Life,

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