Let it go…

This post is to help remind me to Enjoy Daily Life (EDL), hopefully it will help you too!

Often I get caught up in the day to day stuff and I can find myself being crabby and disconnected from who I really am.

In my heart & soul I know the most important thing I can do to live a life I love is to Enjoy Daily Life (EDL). That means feeling good about where I am and being excited about where I am going.

Almost everyday there are things that look like they are “bad”, however, I choose to believe they are just a part of my life path. Enjoy Daily Life (EDL) means choosing to look at everything in my life as a blessing, even the things that irritate me.  Those irritating things are an opportunity to learn how to let go of the frustration and focus on what I REALLY want in my life.

Yes, even the things that irritate me are a gift, I believe they are here to help me learn how to let go to Enjoy more of my Daily Life…

EDL ~ Tera

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