Jealousy & Judgement

When most people have feelings of jealousy or judgement they either get consumed by them in a negative way or they try to push them away and ignore them thinking it is wrong to feel this way.

Personally I love feelings of jealousy & judgement because they are not about anybody else but ME! These emotions are just indicators to me of what I want more of or less of in my own life.

My core belief is that anything is possible, so I have the ability to feel jealous and to quickly use that emotion to help me identify specifically what I want more of in my life & what I need to do to make it happen for me! The process is the same with judgement, when I am seeing something I do not like, it shows me exactly what I do not want & I identify the ways that it might show up for me in my own life. Again, the emotions of jealousy & judgement are not about the other person at all, it is all about you!

Begin today to use the emotions of jealousy & judgement that you feel to help you bring more clarity to your life!

Enjoy Daily Life,

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