How to Effectively Get People to Do What You Want

Ever have an employee that puts off doing something that you think is important and they just don’t seem to think it is a priority?

Obviously they do not value the task being completed as much as you do.

Instead of getting frustrated, kindly explain why that task being completed is important to you.

My example, processing payroll with our payroll company is an important task that our HR Manager needs to complete each week in order for our employees to get paid on Friday. This is a HUGE priority and she has NEVER missed a deadline, yet!

Entering the payroll into our accounting system is not much of a priority for her, since this is the step after it has been processed with our payroll company and this step is strictly for bookkeeping purposes.

Well, for me to monitor our cashflow and to also know the profitability of our projects, this step is REALLY IMPORTANT! Often weeks will go by without payroll being entered into our accounting system. It is not that she is slacking, she is very busy all day long, it is that she has other tasks that she views as a higher priority.

It is my job to make it clear to her why that step of inputting payroll into our accounting system is a priority.

First I need to identify the reasons why it is important.

  1. The accuracy of our books helps me make better financial decisions on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Knowing the real time costs of our projects will help in quoting future projects. Also, seeing the actual costs will help us to quickly identify where we need to focus resources, if a job is costing more than anticipated we need to identify why and quickly make adjustments to ensure the financial health of the business.

By communicating these reasons to her and asking her for a realistic deadline we will all be happier with the way work flows and the timing of things getting done!

Enjoy Daily Life,

P.S. This might also work with getting your husband or kids to pick up their clothes off the floor…but don’t count on it 😉

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